Tuesday, January 13, 2015


When I ponder and stop to really think about how HOLY GOD is, the first step I must take is to humble myself.  I need to empty out my self-sufficient nature and go to my knees.  When I am on my knees I stand before HIM, exposed and vulnerable. Is it because we possess a nature of not wanting to be rejected that we are unable to be vulnerable and authentic.....even before GOD?  Our GOD knows everything, HE knows the number of hairs on my head so why would I think to hide from HIM?  Could it be that my time with HIM needs to be full of awe and intimacy at the same time?

I have said before that I don't want my quiet time with GOD to become too familiar......I don't ever want to go through the motions.  Each year we need to change it up a bit and find new and exciting ways to pray and study and seek to keep our GOD a priority.  The fire within the soul will stay lit there......the fire for the LORD will grow there.

A friend of mine said she just got a new chair to replace her old "prayer chair".  She sounded so thrilled when she told me that I was excited for her.  Even our changing small things around us can make a difference. Do whatever you need to do to spend more time with GOD.....it all is a personal path and my path is not yours. Any time spent with HIM is never wasted.

My awe for HIS HOLINESS is confirmed daily as I read HIS WORD.  I try with much intention to look at HIS world, HIS nature, and HIS people with awe, realizing that none of it exists by chance......all of it is by great design.  We have a huge GOD wielding HIS upper story that we cannot see, but it exists there, while we are a small part of a lower story happening right now on this earth.  Both stories are HOLY because both stories exist to bring HIM glory.

I encourage you today to stop......stop and consider HIM for who HE is. Everything about GOD is HOLY and we are not!  Come before HIM and be humble......honor HIM and glorify HIM, and most of all, thank HIM. Because without HIM we are nothing......without HIM we really have no purpose......without HIM we have no understanding of love, grace, and mercy. Without HIM, it becomes all about me, and every fiber of my being tells me that is upended and wrong.  Let it be all about HIM. Learn to trust HIM. Come before HIM with a humble heart that recognizes HIS HOLINESS, HIS greatness and HIS sovereign HAND. We are so blessed every day that HE gives us another day.  See it surrounded by HIS HOLINESS and HIS touch. HE is always there.....we just need to humble ourselves, go on our knees, and look up in awe.

ISAIAH 6: 3: "Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of HIS glory!"

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