Wednesday, January 21, 2015


If you had a choice between being happy or being holy, which would you choose?  I have heard it said that GOD cares more about our holiness than our happiness.  A pastor friend of mine once said to me: what if you are going through whatever your circumstances because GOD wants you to become more HOLY?  Let's think about that for a minute......your marriage is falling apart......there is a death in the family.......there is a job loss, but you mean to tell me that it all happens so that I grow closer with GOD?  Is it really when I come to the end of myself and nothing I do makes a difference, that I reach for HIM who is HOLY? 

In the midst of those dark times, those dark hours, what defines you? How do you make sense of those moments that sometimes turn into weeks and even years?  When all is lost, are you still asking where is GOD?  Are you truly listening for HIS still small voice in the darkness?

You see, the answer is that nothing on this earth will satisfy and if you let the world in, it will define you.  In those tough moments, GOD is along side us working on our character.  We all have a plan on how we want our lives to go, but what do we do when our plans take another turn?  What do I do when my Plan A turns into a Plan B?

I want to look within and "see" what GOD sees.  But most times I am not strong enough to do that.  Usually for me, it is in those tough times that I will work through with all HIS grace and mercy HE gives for me to finally "see" what HE needs me to see.  Those qualities of character HE works on subtly within me, every day when I pray for discernment to "see".  And when I am able to look back on HIS lesson for me I can say "ahh" now I see! Difficult circumstances are never fun, but there always is the result of growth within, of a difference in character. But first and foremost, I need to behold HIM.

This learning about GOD'S HOLINESS is evident everywhere. My looking towards the heavens is a start, but my own personal holiness is harder to grasp. Where is it and how do I go about it?  It is not evident within me. I tend to see more sin there rather than a saint, but the process in seeking......that is HOLY.  Can it be as simple as the searching, the looking with inner eyes, the striving, the wanting for GOD and all HE all of this HOLY?

Then this business of living each day, with gratitude, with being thankful, learning HIS word and loving HIM.....this is part of becoming HOLY.  For our GOD is HOLY, who can be like HIM? May we all as we live our days, become HOLY vessels, open to our GOD's leading us to others in love and grace for them.  You see, it is never about us in the first is about GOD and HIS HOLY plan now and forevermore.  Behold HIM and HIS HOLINESS! And may HE bless you daily with HIS HOLY word.

1 PETER 1:15-16 "......but as HE who called you is HOLY, you also be HOLY in all your conduct, because it is written, "Be HOLY, for I am HOLY."

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