Wednesday, July 10, 2013



The summer finds me sitting on my porch every chance I get.  What is it about a porch that invites one to sit and stay a while?  In my neighborhood almost every home has a porch.  As I walk by them, I see that home owners have taken the time to put out furniture and potted plants.  Every porch seems to say: welcome!

As for me, I love to sit on mine and watch the world go by.  I live on a through street, so there are cars and people walking by to the pool with their children in tow.

Yesterday afternoon I was able to call a dear friend of mine that moved away several years ago.  We were able to catch up on life in general as I sat in my comfortable rocking chair and rocked away our precious time together.

I find my most memorable times on my porch are those spent with GOD.  HE seems to speak to me there quite frequently.   Maybe it's because I know to just sit and be still.  HE calls me to look at HIS world through HIS have a GODLY perspective in those moments.  Whatever seems to be on my mind, or whatever burden is upon my heart.....those troubles seem to lift from me, but only because I have truly given it to HIM.  When we are at the end of ourselves, what else is there?

Turning over our issues to GOD will give us a peace.... a comfort.... an understanding.  My porch has become a sacred place for me....I pray and read scripture there also.  Somehow being outside surrounded by nature gets me in touch with HIM....I feel divinely embraced by the sights and sounds of HIS world.....a world sprinkled by HIS grace as well. 

I encourage you to sit on your porch or patio or somewhere outside and spend a little time talking with GOD.... you won't regret your divine time with is truly a gift from heaven!

ROMANS 1:20 "By taking a long and thoughtful look at what GOD has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can't see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of HIS divine being.  So nobody has a good excuse." The Message

Blessings on your porch time!


  1. Maxine, This is so true. Our front porch in the summertime is a peaceful place surrounded by nature as well. I am encouraged by you to spend more time with the Lord on my porch. I will sit and be still an listen more to the Lord. Thank you. Great post, Judy

  2. My porch is my Sanctuary - it is where I feel closest to GOD!

  3. Came from Out of the blue... beautiful post. My writing spot is right inside overlooking my porch. A pretty view... I love to talk to God from there too. Breeze whispering through the hanging chimes... Thanks for sharing from your porch!

  4. Thanks Pam! Enjoy your porch time with GOD! HE is present and just waiting for us to sit and stay awhile!