Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don't know why, but I can't take my mind off the events unfolding in Japan this week.  It is very hard to get my thoughts around what has happened.  It is an unimaginable tragedy! 

The news is the first thing I check in the morning and the last at night.  When my head hits the pillow my heart cries out: why GOD?  And then I pray for the one without food or shelter or a simple bed.  I did hear yesterday that they found a young man in his 20's in the rubble after 8 days.  I know I prayed for him. 

I have sent my donation, but now all I can do is keep watch and pray.  I realize this must break GOD'S heart and in turn, it breaks mine.  I have shed tears as well, looking at the images on my laptop and TV. 

Whenever tragedy strikes, we all are reminded of how blessed we are.  We all tend to turn towards each other more, and hold each other a little tighter.  We live each day with more purpose.  We realize that any day could be our last..we reach a little closer to our GOD.

The more I abide with HIM, the more I realize how blessed I am to be HIS child.  It was reported that less than 1 percent of the people in Japan are Christian.  I pray for those Christians affected by this tragedy and for GOD'S goodwill to be shown to those who are not.  Recently Samaritian's Purse sent a 747 to Japan with 92 tons of supplies.  GOD'S light always shines through a gesture like that. HIS grace and mercy are there...people just need to open  their eyes and hearts to see it.

And so, each morning, in the early light, I know HE is there...HE never leaves us...HE is mighty to save, comfort, and guide.  If we abide daily and look for HIM, HE will eventually lead us all home.  In spite of the tragedy on the world stage right now, I know with all my being that HE LIVES.  HE is there amongst the rubble...rubble we can see, and the rubble of our own lives.  HIS desire is our faith...our brokenness.  Our world is broken and tattered too, just like Japan's landscape. 

Many reporters have observed that the Japanese have much discipline, patience and perseverance in the midst of adversity.  My heart's prayer is that GOD and HIS people will show the Japanese HIS love as well!


  1. Maxine... Enjoyed your post! Our hearts are in the same place this week as my blog yesterday was on the same topic. It's hard to go through the day and not think about what is happening to the Japanese. I've been listening to K-Love and it's so encouraging to hear about all of the relief effort that is being done.... prayers are being answered! Have a great weekend - Peace, Donna

  2. Beautiful post, Maxine. My husband returned from working with churches in Japan,,,just four days before the earthquake. The news from the missionaries in Tokyo keep us praying. I am especially thinking of the children there-who have lost homes and possibly family. I am praying with you.