Tuesday, March 22, 2011


With it being officially Spring according to the calendar, I am drawn to the light outside.  First thing in the morning I throw open the blinds to let the light in...I find myself looking everywhere for it...I crave that omnipotent, warm, wonderful sunshine!  It is a blessing my heart longs to see every day!

This pure heavenly light really is all around us, stars by night and sun by day.  GOD's light shines on our lives, and gives us direction in our darkness.  We are to receive that light in our souls and pass it along to others who cross our daily paths.  We are commanded to do so!   Matthew 5:16 says: "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven."

How do you let your light shine on others?  Sometimes I think we get so caught up in doing it "right" that we don't do it at all, and worry about what others think of us.  In reality, your light can shine through with something as simple as a smile.  And could our light shine by just listening with our eyes and ears?

CHRIST knew how to listen.  We all talk so much these days through e-mails, Facebook and Twitter.  But are we really listening to one another as CHRIST did?  Through actively listening, we are shining a small piece of GOD's light on the conversation.  I am certain that HE listens to me, every morning.  HE hears my heart and soul...do I do that for others too?  I find when I abide with HIM, HE takes over and helps me listen.  I realize that the person in front of me is one of HIS, and I can shine HIS light on them by just being present, not worrying about the next thing I need to say.  Listening also helps me to decide what to do next.  Without realizing it, an act of kindness or a compliment could possibly be the only light in a stranger's world.  But neither will happen if we don't listen.

We may NEVER know what GOD's Holy hand will do with our listening, but my trust is in HIM, more so than myself!  HE will guide me and help me listen in that deep place.

And so I encourage you to be a good listener...ask GOD to show you how.  You can learn much, discern much, and then act with GOD's light in your hands, touching those who need it.  I want to be a shining example for HIM...HIS hands...HIS feet...HIS love.  I will abide...I will remain in HIS light poured down around me.   Light will always and forever shine in the darkness...touch those around you with HIS joyous light!  And remember...

"How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!  O LORD, they walk in the light of YOUR countenance."  PSALM 89:15

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