Friday, March 25, 2011

Abiding and Growing UP in God's Green Earth

Seeing small patches of green growing up on my dirt path before me today sent joy through my
soul.  Yes, Spring is coming!!

I live in an area in Colorado where on a clear day you can see north to Fort Collins and south to Pikes Peak.  The whole front range lays out in all it's glorious splendor with snow capped mountains and bright clear blue sky.  God's mighty hand commanded those majestic mountains, and one cannot look at them without realizing His sovereign presence.

This new growth...this time of year...allof it... is a clear shout from Heaven that HE LIVES!!

Today I felt it...I felt Spring awaken a small excitement deep within me.  In this deep place it is a realization of coming alive again after a long sleep...a small hope that growth is coming with HIS help.

Abiding with HIM allows me to never fear and always believe HIS changes in me (and most of us don't like change) are always the best.  Change in the earth is inevitable from season to season.  Change in me, no matter how much I fight it, will inevitably come too.

Today I looked at this change with excitement for the first time this year.  Looking down on the path in front of me, I saw small patches of green change, but looking up, up at HIM...THAT gave me a much better view of what could come!

HIS earth is ready to burst free!  Free with the beauty that only HE can give!  It is there patiently waiting for HIS command.  Winter will change to Spring.   My change is harder to see.   I really don't know what is coming...I can feel it there...I just have to trust and remain with HIM.  I try holding on for a wonderful ride, just as the new buds on the trees hold on in the wind.

I rejoice today! I know that HE is growing me up...just as the flowers will grow up to meet the sunshine.  And I am thankful...thankful that this abiding...this remaining with HIM, allows me to see!.

1Corinthians 3:7  "So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only GOD , who makes things grow."

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