Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As I look up to the heavens, I see HIS HOLY brush stroke across the sky......the soft pink and blue streaks of Majesty are stunning to say the least. I had to look up to see, not down at my feet as I take my pup on her early morning walk. To grasp HIS HOLINESS I can behold HIM when I look towards the heavens.  Who hasn't looked into a night sky and been compelled to believe that a mighty GOD created it!

Our world is crazy mixed up right now.....the news breaks my heart each time I listen, and so I must look up and all around me to see HIS greatness.  Where I live now I realize that I have traded in evergreens for palm trees and green grass for desert.  But I am still struck by the beauty here and yes, it's not the Colorado Rockies one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's a desert wonderland of bright blooms and some that only peak out at night!

To behold HIM, one must look beyond oneself.  If you think about it, our society is busy looking down at devices most of the time.  If you take note, you will see people doing this and passing by others without a single notice. Think of all they are missing in this world.  GOD tends to be in all those small details around us......let's look for them and then thank HIM for HIS HOLINESS.  Giving thanks is an act of worship, it is seeing the Creator as the ONE who creates. When I participate with thanksgiving of my whole heart to what I "see" as HIS, do I become a little more Holy?  How about when I pray with a thankful heart? HE creates.......we see.......we give thanks.......we are transformed.....we are touched in our souls by HIS HOLINESS as we become mirrors of HIM.

In Psalm 22: 3 it says: "But YOU are HOLY, enthroned in the praises of Israel." The GOD that we worship is IN the worship of thanks.  Holy thanks......thanks given with the whole heart. So I must ask you: when was the last time you thanked HIM? Was it only when the good stuff happened?  What about when the tough trials take over your days?  Do you notice all the small details that come your way, along the way?  I hope in my heart that you don't miss those treasures.  At the end of the day have you "seen" HIM in your day? A thankful heart is a heart of worship, a heart that is taking note of those details HE lovingly sends us, in spite of our trials and tribulations.

We were created for worship......to worship a HOLY GOD......a HOLY Creator.......a MASTER of the universe.  Is our worship for HIM a HOLY worship?  Is our crying out to HIM a HOLY praise?  

Our society is so into the "me" that we have created Facebook pages that are all about dare I say: me? And yes I have a page too. But wouldn't it be wonderful if we had pages created to glorify only GOD?  As we continue our walks with HIM, GOD has a way of carving out that pride within our hearts. HE drives us to our knees in ways we would never imagine.  But when we are on our knees, we are on HOLY ground.......giving thanks and praise to the ONE who is HOLY, righteous and perfect.  A HOLY GOD who is a HOLY Savior.......let us daily trust in the only ONE who is HOLY, and never forget, with our thankful hearts, that HE is there all the time, every moment of every day and in every way.

Ephesians 1: 4 "......just as HE chose us in HIM before the foundation of the world, that we should be HOLY and without blame before HIM in love."

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