Friday, August 30, 2013

Being HOLY?

Recently I have had more than one conversation that led to the question of: maybe the true reason GOD has you where you are in your life is really to make YOU more....  Holy!  I think this is a profound way to think of your life.  Maybe all that is happening around you truly is to make you and me more HOLY!   Could this really be possible?

The above picture shows CHRIST knocking on a door with no doorknob.  The reason for this is to show that it is our choice to let HIM in.... to let HIM in all areas of our life.... not just the clean areas, but the ugly ones too.   When you do this, HE helps you to "see" why you are where you are in life.....HE helps you to "live" a more holy life..... HE helps you to "love" in a deeper way with more compassion and grace not only for yourself, but especially for all you come in contact with. 

I don't want to walk around thinking I am better than anyone, but I do want to become more CHRISTLIKE.   HE is the ONLY Holy ONE.  I certainly am not,  but I sure hope spending my days with HIM will rub off on me!  How could it not?

So when CHRIST guides you in a particular direction and has you where you are, who is to say it is not for your own good?  Who is to say it is not to make you more Holy?  Who is to say HIS divine plan for you or me,  is all about learning what it takes to become more Holy?  Our Savior of grace knows exactly what we need for where we are every day of our lives.  We just need to let HIM in, to give HIM all of our lives and all of our hearts!

2 Timothy 1: 8 - 9 "But join with me in suffering for the Gospel, by the power of GOD, who has saved us and called us to a Holy life...."

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  1. Maxine, Your post on being Holy is very good and I also want to be more Christlike. I want to open the door to every area of my like and let Him in. You have helped me focus on thinking and acting more Holy with His help. I want Christ to teach me how to love others more.
    Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Judy