Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I don't know about you, but I have always had trouble with Mondays.  For some reason I always have a sad feeling on Sunday evenings.  Maybe it is anxiety or maybe it is just being tired thinking about the week to come.  I have never been happy with my attitude about a Monday being just another day to get through.  I have prayed the past year that GOD would help me see joy in my Mondays, the way I feel joy in my Saturdays!

In trying to figure this out, it became clear to me that I really needed to examine how I was spending my Sundays.  I started realizing I needed to unplug from technology.  At first I wasn't successful, but I got better at it.  There have been Sundays when my cell phone stayed in my purse all day - I actually turned it off.  My laptop has collected dust on a Sunday!  I have discovered that there is such freedom in this decision.  I have given myself permission to ignore technology for one day, no matter what anyone says about it.  Yes there might be more e-mails to look at on Monday, but I am finding that I am not really missing a thing.  When I am not distracted by technology, I find myself reaching for other activities to do.  My Sundays are becoming more simple.  They look more like a Sabbath rather than an errand day.  I am content to be at home after Church, to read, and just rest. 

I had a friend that went to Church on Sundays and without fail, always came home, shut off the phones and computer and took a nap.  I remember the day she told me this, I really envied her, wondering how I could ever do that.  Recently, I have had a Sunday like my friend's......over time and with perseverance I have changed how my Sunday happens.  

Let's remember that GOD rested on the 7th day.  There was a good reason HE did, and we need to take notice before it is too late.  HE is our example.  Our resting on Sunday helps us especially on Monday.  From Sunday to Monday, GOD will give you the perspective that you need in your life to carry you through the next week, and the next month and year.  Sunday can be a day of reflection and introspect......a day of heart and soul searching.

Because of my Sundays being a day to rest, now my attitude about Monday is changing.  When I rest on Sunday, I can wake up refreshed on Monday morning ready to seize the day. I feel more like I have a is GOD'S plan, but I am choosing to follow and there is a contentment within me.  This is where I have chosen to be with this whole unplugging idea.  I like my decision and I have peace in it.

I challenge you here to examine your Sundays.  How do you spend your time? Is GOD your priority on this day? If you work, maybe you can figure out a morning or evening to devote to GOD with your whole heart and soul.  Do something different to make your Sunday look different from what society dictates. Leave the errands for another day.  Keep your day free and simple. Spend more time praising, glorifying, and resting in HIM.  Let HIS grace wash over you for one full day.  Your Monday will show that you did.

GENESIS 2:2-3 "By the seventh day GOD had finished the work HE had been doing, so on the seventh day HE rested from all HIS work.  And GOD blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it HE rested from all the work of creating that HE had done."

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