Friday, August 29, 2014


When I assess my spiritual walk with GOD, I always have to wonder if I am in a rut.  I don't ever want to take my LORD for granted, nor do I want my studies of the Bible to become routine. Since we moved here to Arizona my mornings and having time for devotions has been changed up a bit and I am realizing that it is ok for this to happen.

Our daily prayer should be that GOD is continuing a good work within us, whether big or small. There are those daily small steps that our hearts take along with the Spirit that produce over time the person GOD wants us to be.  All of this growing within is done by HIM and through HIM, not by our doing.  HIS grace and mercy is new for us each morning and we just need to step towards HIM.  How we do this will be different for each of us......but what is common for us all is that JESUS loves us.  HIS heart's desire is for us to abide in HIM......daily, weekly, yearly.

If you feel you are looking at a spiritual rut, or a stale faith, then you must do something to change up what you are doing.....even if it is a very small step.  I think you will know if you are walking in the right direction because you will be excited again in your faith and you will feel a renewed sense of strength and perseverance within.

Recently through my Instagram buddies I heard about a journaling Bible.  I saw a picture of one and thought, where have I been?  I have always been terrible about journaling - anyone else?  I will write things down in a notebook like scripture and words etc. but sometimes I lose the thought process because I will look again in my Bible and think oh well, lost that idea.  My thoughts have been disjointed and just highlighting in my Bibles has left me feeling like I need to tie thoughts together more.

I ordered this type of Bible after reading many reviews and it is supposed to come today.....I am excited!  I hope by being more intentional in this process that GOD will help me grow in an area that has really been in a rut.  I certainly am not accomplishing much when I can't seem to tie the ideas together from notebook to Bible and then here on this blog.  I have a feeling that one place for ideas might be better for me.  I have been too scattered.

Here is a picture of a journaling Bible so you can see the columns it has for notes:

This type of Bible comes with a one column or two like the one above.  My point with all of this is that sometimes a small step will pull you out of a rut and into a new direction.  GOD'S love for us will take us on highs and lows, but HIS love will never leave us in a rut.  I am confident of this fact! Let us be aware daily of our spiritual journey and ask ourselves: am I the same person I was a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago?  If we continually keep this thought in the forefront of our minds and pray for change within, GOD will walk alongside us step by step.  We just need to be ready and willing to learn and change.

If you choose one of these Bibles, and someone said: " you mean I can write in it?"......YES, please do....draw as well.  A hint about what to use so it doesn't bleed through is to use colored pencils. My highlighters tend to bleed unless I buy a special one and they always are expensive.   I realized that I already had 2 packs of colored pencils - don't know why I bought them way back, but they will come in handy now!  One small detail of GOD providing for me in this process so I feel I might be onto something with this whole journaling idea.

Let us assess our spiritual walks, decide to change, and then watch what GOD does within us. Seeking HIM is the most important task we could ever do in our lives.  HE wants us in relationship with HIM.....a relationship of LOVE, and a relationship of depth.  When we abide in HIM, HE will abide in us. And when we ask of HIM, HE will never leave us the way HE found us.  Are you in a spiritual rut today?  Seek HIM in your own creative way and say goodbye to the rut!

PSALM 119: 81 "I long for YOUR salvation; I put my hope in YOUR word."


  1. Wow. My dear sister. I didn't know about the journal Bible. It's a good way to "kick start" you on the path. I found you at Meet Me At The Meadow Blog". Your comment was spot on. I wrote this the other day. I think you would enjoy it. It's called: "The Bible and You.

  2. Thanks for reading Chris - may we all be encouraging to one another in the WORD and may we persevere in our reading of it faithfully and always with wonder and a willingness to learn!