Sunday, April 20, 2014


All day yesterday I could not stop thinking about what those disciples felt on Saturday. Good Friday and Easter get so much attention this time of year.....what about Saturday?  It is the in-between day.  It is the day after JESUS was crucified.  What did those who loved him feel the next morning?  I e-mailed a friend on this and she had one word: d e s p a i r. 

Can you imagine waking up on that Saturday thinking: "I will never see my LORD again?" Envision their makes me sad thinking that Saturday must have been such a horrible day to get through.  The disciples didn't know HE would rise on the third day.....we know the end to this story and it is glorious!

I believe GOD loves to shine HIS light on the insignificant and in so doing, HE gives the insignificant Supreme importance.  I see Saturday, the day in-between, as a day that should speak volumes to us.  But I never paid much attention to Saturday until this year.  

I did Google it and there is information on this day being called Holy Saturday.  It was the day that JESUS' body lay in the tomb.....a day of sadness.  It was a day where the followers of JESUS must have thought that GOD abandoned them.  So this in-between time is an example for us. 

How often have we felt that GOD has abandoned us?  When children die for no reason, and our prayers seem to be unanswered, we cry out to HIM who has us in that place.   We live often in the in-between of not knowing what comes next, sometimes in fear, sometimes in despair.  But during this time, sometimes without us realizing it, GOD comes near and touches our hearts.  HE grows us and guides us through, no matter how tough the situation.

Mary was crying when she discovered that the tomb was empty that morning.  Imagine after feeling the despair of Saturday and then seeing the tomb open......more d e s p a i r?  Mary wept. Mary was desperate for her LORD.  And in that moment, CHRIST appeared to her and said "Mary." And in that moment, she knew that voice that she would remember all her life.....a voice of amazing love.

The despair of that Saturday was about to turn into the JOY of Sunday.  CHRIST touches us at our lowest of lows......HE is there......HE never leaves us.....HE loves us more than we know.....we just need to turn and recognize HIM.

Blessing and love to you this EASTER!

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