Friday, April 18, 2014


If you really study the four Gospels and compare, it is somewhat beyond comprehension what JESUS did for us on the Cross.  HIS blood shed for our sins.  In each Gospel we are given just a little bit more of the picture and what happened.....but in all, one fact is consistent and that is the one pertaining to the two criminals crucified with HIM, one on the right and one on the left.

As one criminal mocked HIM, the other asked JESUS to "remember me when YOU come into YOUR kingdom!" LUKE 23:42  JESUS replied with: "I assure you: Today you will be with ME in paradise." vs. 43  In the midst of HIS horrible suffering JESUS still responded with incredible love.....a love beyond our human understanding.  You see, all of us drove those nails into HIS hands.  Each of us took hold of the hammer and pounded the nails in, but yet..... HE responded with HIS extravagant grace and love.

I take great comfort in the fact that for anyone who is a stone, they will still have that choice at the point of choose HIM and HIS love.  So never give up praying for your loved ones who don't believe.  Persevere daily with prayers of love for them.  

In the meantime, those of us who do worship the Cross, need to make that journey ourselves.  The foot of the Cross is level for all.  It is a place of brokenness, and a place of hope, and a place of forgiveness.  When you realize what CHRIST did for all of our sins your response back is the realization that we are not worthy......but HE is.  

Today is GOOD FRIDAY......take time to reflect on what JESUS did for you on the cross!  Read what the Bible says about that day.  You will be struck by what JESUS felt on the cross.  My inner response is: how unworthy I am of HIS sacrifice.   What is your response on this day?

JOHN 19: 30 "Therefore when JESUS had received the sour wine, HE said, 'It is finished!'  And HE bowed HIS head and gave up HIS spirit."

Blessings on your Resurrection Day!

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