Thursday, April 10, 2014


For the first time this past week I woke up to birds singing.  You don't realize what has been missing until you have it again in such a way that it washes over you beyond words.  When I woke to the bird's joyful song, I just thought how much I have missed it's sweetness over this past winter.  

When you are touched by Spring and all that goes with it, a feeling inside happens that defies description.  My chosen word here tends to be JOY.....never ending JOY.   Even the sunlight is different this time of year.....brighter with different shadows all around.  I love to watch the changing light inside my enchanting compared to the winter months!

Spring is a rebirth in so many ways.....birds sing, flowers start to bloom, color is all around and the world looks vibrant.  GOD gives us a new season to understand HIM and HIS word.  With Easter coming soon, we are reminded of what JESUS did for us on the cross on that fateful Friday. We are drawn into the crucifixion story in the four Gospels and with each one given to us, there is a little more information so that we can put the story together and complete it for ourselves. When you read about HIS death and study each Gospel, it is painful to read and you ask why? Why would the GOD of the universe care to die in such a horrible way for sinners like us?  Why would a HOLY GOD put HIS son on a tree to be ridiculed and tortured for us?

The answer is because HE loves us that much! HE would rather die for us than live without us. In the midst of all this pain and torture is the message of forgiveness, redemption and mercy. But the joy in all of it is the Resurrection!  Can you imagine Mary Magdalene looking for her LORD in the empty tomb and weeping......and then JESUS saying to her "Mary"..... and oh she recognizes HIM!  What joy she must have felt!  

Let us ponder during this Spring season, the wonder of life eternal.....all given to us by the eternal GOD of this universe.....all made possible by JESUS CHRIST who died for us on the cross.....all because HE loves us with an eternal love beyond description.  HE died for our sins.....let us remember HIM and never forget.

JOHN 20: 17 "JESUS said to her, "Stop clinging to ME, for I have not yet ascended to the FATHER; but go to MY brethren and say to them, 'I ascend to MY FATHER and your FATHER, and MY GOD and your GOD.'"

Many Blessings on You This Easter,

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