Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today in Colorado is snowy with much cold and my thoughts are turning to warm summer days, easy days, and vacations.  My memories and pictures of our last visit to Hawaii on the Big Island became evident to you will notice a new look to HEAVENSREEF.

Now I am not a blog designer and I am fortunate that Blogger gives you a template to fool around with and so I decided the old pictures and Header on my Blog had to go.  You know....out with the old and in with the new! Since I look at my page probably more than anyone else, I was inspired today by HIM to make some changes, although scary.....remember I am not a whiz at design. I am always fearful that I will just go and mess it all up and wish I hadn't touched it in the first place!

You will notice a couple of new options.... I was able to include one where you can receive my blog now by entering your e-mail address.  You can also click on the right hand side where it gives you a small picture and short intro to the most recent posts.

Please know that I have struggled in the past with comparing myself to much better blog writers out there on the web, however, with comparison, you always tend to lose.  But GOD keeps giving me a clear message to keep persevering in the blog world.  HE says: "it doesn't matter if you touch even one."  And so I thank you all that read and I pray that you will see HIM through my words and be encouraged whenever you spend some time here at HIS HEAVENSREEF.  Please know too that I am so blessed by your comments as well!

This post really is about fear.  Do we face our fears head on?  Or do we keep stumbling back, turning away in the hopes that fear will go elsewhere?

I can tell you through my experience that facing your fears is the best way to go.....facing them with prayer works.  HE hears you and gives you that supernatural strength to walk tall in the midst of your weakness.  The only fear we should have in this life is a healthy fear of the LORD.

PROVERBS 16: 6 says: ".....through the fear of the LORD a man avoids evil."  May we keep that kind of fear present in our hearts daily!

So it is with much gratitude that I thank you dear reader for taking the time out of your day to pay me a visit.   I always pray that HIS word here, will not come back void.  Just knowing another pair of eyes have seen this is comfort enough for me!  Let me hear from you from time to time.  You all are such a blessing to my heart.

PSALM 34:4 "I sought the LORD, and HE answered me; HE delivered me from all my fears."

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