Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, Valentine's day has come and gone.....I hope yours was filled with many of GOD'S blessings, but most of all I pray that you were filled with HIS LOVE for others.

The calendar still says it is February and my posts here will continue on matters of the heart.  Recently I attended an evening at my church with some sweet women in my life.  The subject matter centered around love and how we show it to others.  We learned that love is a feeling, but acting on that love is quite another thing.  We may feel it, and think it, but do we act upon what we know within?

I for one want to go through my life with a compassionate heart for Matthew 9 it says that when JESUS went through the cities and villages teaching the gospel and healing, that HE saw the people who were lost, distressed and dispirited and had compassion for them.

In our world today we see less and less compassion.....don't let that discourage you.  Ask HIM to break your heart for what breaks HIS.  I promise you, HE will do that in HIS time.....when you wrap your arms around HIS heart, HIS compassion for you will sink in deeply and change you.  This becomes an authentic change of heart not only for yourself, but for everyone around you.  You see, we all have a story.  As a friend of mine reminds me almost daily....we are ALL HIS children whether we are severely broken or not.  HE never forgets us and HE wants all to eventually come freely to HIM.  Because HE doesn't want us any other way.

And HE would rather DIE FOR YOU than live without you!

Let us come before HIM with compassionate hearts.......for HIS WORD......for HIS WORLD......for HIS beloved people.  

PSALM 145: 9 "The LORD is good to all; HE has compassion on all HE has made."

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