Tuesday, January 8, 2013


As you can see I have changed the look of my background... it is a New Year, new changes, and new opportunities!  But the name of my blog will always remain: HEAVENSREEF.  As of today, this blog has existed for a couple of years and it really and truly is HIS HEAVENSREEF!!

I am still working on getting my mind around the word REDEEM for 2013.  Last night I had dinner with 4 wonderful friends ( you know who you are), and one of those friends said to me that she thought REDEMPTION might be difficult to write about... I agree with her, but I trust that GOD will reveal all that HE wants me to write here... and I am listening.  I don't know what GOD has in store for me, I only know HE revealed this word, and HE wants to do something within me, or within someone who reads this!

I do know from looking up scripture that GOD'S redemption is powerful... it is a gift to us, and we just need to accept it, and immerse ourselves in it.  CHRIST already paid the price for our sins... we can drink that fact in, like a refreshing cool drink of crystal pure water.

Our LORD is a REDEEMER of all peoples...HE will free us with HIS outstretched arms.  Our GOD'S power can be seen in HIS redemption.  His redemption occurred over and over in the Old and New testament.  And HIS redemption has NEVER failed.  You and I both, can drink that fact in and trust in HIS holy power!

EXODUS 6: 6-7 "... I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgement.  I will take you as my own people, and I will be your GOD."


  1. Maxine, I'm thrilled to "meet" you today via Must Love God. I had to stop by after I read your comment on my post there. Thank you!

    I love this...I must tell you, during and after Lent of last year, I went through a time of redemption and personal reflection. A lot of it hurt, but all of it was worth it...the journey of refinement is different for everyone, and I can't wait to see where it takes you!

    Can I offer a gift to you? My friend Kris @ Always Alleluia wrote an eBook that is coming out on Feb 1st. It's primarily a book on Lent, but ultimately it is a book about Redemption and where it can take you. I highly recommend it (I wrote the forward for it, so have had the honor of reading it already) and if you sign up for her monthly newsletter on her blog, you get the eBook free!

    all for Him with hugs to you,

  2. Thanks so much Nikki - for stopping by and for Kris's blog. I am excited to read there as well! I do love, and I am so enjoying how MUST LOVE GOD brings us together! It is always a source of comfort to me and I love as I know you do, to hear from anyone who takes the time and effort to comment!! YOU have been a blessing!