Monday, April 9, 2012


I have been thinking a lot lately about how CHRIST is our GOOD SHEPHERD!  We are all lost, and sometimes quite dumb, just like sheep.  We need someone to look after us with all of our needs, and I love the fact that CHRIST does this for us.

In ISAIAH 40:11 it says: "HE tends HIS flock like a shepherd.  HE gathers the lambs in HIS arms and carries them close to HIS heart."  What a comfort it is to know this...HIS arms always reaching for us, no matter how far we push HIM away!  A real shepherd, will leave his flock to search for the one lamb that is lost!!  How much more does CHRIST do this for our lost souls!

In JOHN 10, JESUS tells the story of a shepherd and says that HE is the GOOD SHEPHERD, that lays down HIS life for HIS sheep.  HE says HE knows HIS own sheep, and they know HIM.

Daily I listen for HIS voice alone, above all the noise and chatter.  But in order to do that, JESUS asks of me to be still... and listen!  In our noisy chaotic world, sometimes this is difficult!  Whenever I do spend alone time with HIM, I am refreshed beyond anything that earthly treasures can give me!

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon reading scripture on my porch in the warm sun!  It was heavenly... not so much because of the setting, but more due to what HIS word did for me, and how it spoke to my heart!

I am one of HIS FLOCK!  I DO NEED A SHEPHERD!  I LISTEN FOR HIS VOICE!  And I am renewed in knowing this... and therefore I GLORIFY HIM!

JOHN 10:16 "They will listen to MY voice, and there will be one flock with one SHEPHERD."