Thursday, April 5, 2012


Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY and all I can think of is the hours that CHRIST spent on that cross for ME.  HE chose the nails for me... HE chose to wear a crown of thorns for me.  HE chose to die for me... HE died for my sins.

If you think about it, CHRIST had a choice that day HE was nailed to the cross.  HE chose the path, the sign, and the trio of crosses. HIS blood shed for us.  None of what happened was by chance.  CHRIST wanted us to remember HIS last day on earth just as it was.  GOD ordained it and CHRIST fulfilled it.  HIS sacrifice for us was a gift... a gift of grace and love for us.  Because HE would rather die, than live in heaven without us!  That's how much HE loves us.

CHRIST'S love for us stretches as far as HIS arms stretched on that tree.  Scripture tells us HIS love stretches as far as the east is from the west.  HIS love for us is unconditional, sovereign, compassionate, and steadfast.  We cannot find a love such as HIS that exists in any human here on this earth.  We will one day join CHRIST in HIS heaven because of this amazing love! 

Let us GLORIFY HIM today, tomorrow, and all of the remaining days HE gives us!

1JOHN 4:10 "This is love; not that we loved GOD, but that HE loved us and sent HIS SON as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."

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