Saturday, April 14, 2012

GLORY in the Small Things

It is the small things in life that we can see GOD'S hands in!  HIS perfect timing for us and in us, can guide us beyond measure.

If we are HIS ambassadors here on earth, then we need to be humble enough to perform the smallest of tasks.  Are we humble enough to give GOD all the Glory?  Too often we as Christians get caught up in the rewards of this world.  In GOD'S eyes these accomplishments mean nothing unless our acts are for HIS kingdom.

Recently I was chosen to be listed in a national book of who's who in the United States.  This book is going to publication soon, and the editor called me to go over my work history.  I will be honest with you, this was the first time in my life, hearing those accomplishments being read to me, that a feeling of embarrassment came over me.  I realized that those work efforts were not necessairly done for HIS glory.  However, I felt comfortable when she asked me what I did volunteer for, or any other activities I did, all of which I am passionate about for HIS ministry.  This woman continued to congratulate me, and I wanted to shout STOP since anything I do without CHRIST'S help is meaningless.

I was struck by realizing that my work does not define me.  It does not show my heart for CHRIST in the way HE wants it seen!  HE is more interested in those acts of love that we do which are hidden from view.  Those small acts that we do each and every day here on this earth that have no awards attached to them... those acts matter to HIM most!

Through HIS divine hand we need the discernment to see what HE sees... to see a need and fill it, even if we receive no thanks for it.  We are HIS servants... doing HIS work.  But our humble attitude is needed to accomplish this!  I know HE sees the pride we carry in our hearts... and if you let HIM, CHRIST will strip all of that pride away. 

I am learning to feel comfortable in being overlooked... or letting someone else get the credit.  I take great comfort in knowing that HE sees the situation, and knows who did what... and HE knows who's heart was in the right place!  I give HIM glory for this!  Quite often I send up a small breath prayer:  LORD I praise YOU that YOU ALONE SEE!

It is often true that those small acts all done with GOD'S guidance, are a WORTHIER task... more important really than a PHD, being a millionaire, or even a movie star!  And when we reach our final HEAVENLY home, I am sure we will hear:  WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!


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