Monday, June 1, 2015


I am rapidly approaching my one year mark of our move here to Arizona.  Believe me I am so grateful that we are adjusting to all it has to offer.  I recently took a trip back to Colorado where we lived for 30 years and it was funny how it felt so different to me in just being gone one year.

With that said, my point is that noticing my surroundings while I was visiting, made me realize how much an area can change over the course of a year.  People change too, but the friendships that are rooted in stone do not.  I must admit that I was entertained by angel friends last week. You know the kind......where you can literally see their wings?

My friends that I had missed so much, did all they could to make me feel welcomed and loved. There really are no words for friends that do this with is their gift for sure.  It was as if I were being embraced by HIS hand with my every need taken care of and grace upon grace.

Our GOD is the GOD of the universe and the GOD of relationship.  HE puts supreme importance on this and some relationships are a blessing and some are a lesson in this life.  You must take stock of who that is and why.  Some people come into our lives to stay until our lives end, and others come and go.  And sometimes GOD will change your circle of friends and people to change your life.

My friends that have been a supreme blessing to me are those who put GOD first.......period.  Believe me, I would never want to be in that top spot with someone.  When you do that with anyone you are making them an idol in your life.  Only our LORD has the right to be in that top spot.  So I have to ask, does GOD come before your family and friends too?  Only let HIM rule your heart.....period.  Everything else and everyone else should come second, hands down, no excuses!  But you say it is your child? No excuse, GOD comes first. And you say, it is your husband? No excuse, GOD comes before your love in your life. She or he is your BFF, no excuse, GOD comes first.

We all at one time or another have to look at our lives and see if our Sovereign LORD is the sovereign ONE over our life.  Is HE your Savior, Shield, Sanctuary, Shepherd, first LOVE and your PASSION?  Because if HE is not, I hate to break it to you, but your priorities are messed up.

Nothing and no one should come before HIM.  It is plain and simple, no excuses. The day we figure this out is the day we surrender all to HIM and realize that it is all about GOD and not us!  Putting GOD first allows us to see that all that we are and all that we have pales in comparison to HIM.  GOD created us for HIM and HIM alone.

The day I realized this, was the day I surrendered my all to HIM, my life and my family and friends.  And I committed myself to HIM not worrying what anyone else thought about it because I worry the most of what GOD thinks about me and I don't really have to answer to anyone, but HIM. PSALM 51:3 says: "And my sin is always before me. Against YOU, YOU only have I sinned." The Holy Spirit helps me every day to discern this truth.  There is a peace about it that surpasses all else.  And when we put GOD first, we really start living, not just existing for ourselves or for others.  We trust GOD alone to provide for and love us in a way that no one else here can. It is wonderful to know that HE NEVER CHANGES......we do, but HE never will.  HIS love and grace will always be there for us, eternal and never ending.......abundant and abiding.......and when we realize this fact, there really are no excuses to not put HIM first!

1 JOHN 4:19 "We love HIM because HE first loved us."

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