Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A few days ago as I was sitting in my backyard I could hear the peck, peck, peck of a woodpecker somewhere.  It took me a bit to find him, but finally I spotted him way up in a palm tree and his pecks were like this: 1.....123.....1.... 1234 and so on.  It reminded me about the number of our days and how GOD has those days in HIS good book.  HE alone knows how many we each have left on this earth and it probably is a good thing that we don't know or else we wouldn't get out of bed each morning!  As I grow older I am learning not to waste a day to something meaningless, but to live each day in the present and to live it to the fullest! 

JOB 14:16 says: "For now YOU number my steps." GOD knows the number of my steps taken daily so why wouldn't HE not know the number of my days?  I wonder how we grieve HIM when we spend our precious time on worthless events or things?  Investing my time in the things that matter for eternity is all about living each day with intention.  I can choose to live my life for HIM or for myself.  My investment here, my living in GOD'S will, can make a difference in eternity for sure.

PSALM 90: 12 says: "So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."  I want to have a heart full of wisdom, but not mine, because only GOD'S wisdom is certain and true.  I pray that each day I gain a little more from HIM by living in HIS grace and learning to have more of a heart just like JESUS.  But living one day at a time to the fullest takes practice in keeping your eyes on the prize.  Living with a thankful heart makes each day full because of HIS gifts and numbering them, just like numbering our days, becomes an intentional act of worship, love and hope. As I number......I worship with praise.

I pray the next time you mark another day off of your calendar that you see the day for what it was: an incredible gift of love from our Creator who never leaves us or forgets why HE loves us. HE sends us a new day each morning with possibilities and grace for us. Let us love the number of our days, with intentional living.....living with much hope, much love, and even the joy that each day can bring.  Since the LORD numbers our days, may we number them even more with intentional living and continually abiding in HIM with every step we take!

JOB: 38:37 "Who can number the clouds by wisdom?"

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