Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One of my most favorite things to do is to meet a girlfriend at a quaint coffee shop for some girl time and yes coffee.  Somehow it always tastes better to me!  Coffee time becomes a time to reflect and the face time with a friend is a treasure to me......so is the laughter!

Recently I read the following: "Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit.... talk about your Joys instead."  Wow, that kinda hit me like a brick!

So I had to take stock and look at myself to see if I really was a complainer and addicted to talking about my problems.  I must admit I have had my moments as we all have and I know that talking about my problems as if they are more important than my joys must be displeasing to GOD.  I wonder what HE thinks when we complain about our lives in general, when in reality we already have everything we need.  Shouldn't we want above all HIS forgiveness and love, HIS grace and mercy?

Have you noticed though, that we really have turned into a society of complainers?  People will find something wrong with a stick! It's that "yeh but" that gets me.  The flowers are beautiful, yeh but, it's going to rain tomorrow kind of thing.

I feel more recently that GOD is showing me every JOY that comes across my path.  I started to look and count these blessings as small touches from a HOLY GOD and something changed within me.  Viewing the world around me and myself through a GOD lens takes some practice. It is the art of noticing those small gifts.....gifts that become HOLY when you realize WHO they come from: our HOLY and awesome GOD.....the ALPHA and OMEGA of the universe.

Have we become so turned within ourselves that we have forgotten how to look up and around? What about making eye-contact with each other.  The eyes are supposed to be the windows to our souls......whose soul have you really looked into lately? Really noticing someone by looking into their eyes is a gift of love to them.....and it will bring you joy by realizing you connected with someone.

I'll bet if we took note of all the HOLY JOYS GOD surrounds us with, then we wouldn't take anything or anyone for granted.  We only get this one life, this one time in history to "see" the joy around us.  We shouldn't hold so tightly to the material things of this world that we miss what is important.  What will we remember at the end of our lives?  I believe it will be all the wonders and blessings and yes, joys.

I find the more I read about how HOLY GOD is, I feel so inadequate in my worship of HIM. Could my daily process of counting my joys be a way of truly thanking HIM?  Could it be that we are SUPPOSED to notice these daily joys no matter how small, as an act of worship? Does counting HIS HOLY gifts to us help us to worship a HOLY GOD? The process of counting, of noticing, does mean we are seeing HIM around us.

We all are running out of time with the daily tick tick of the clock, but I'll bet if you start counting your joys, you will find that you never run out of them!  These HOLY joys of HIS are new every morning.  Start each day with an intentional looking for them......make it a habit to count.....all because GOD doesn't disappoint! Above all HE wants us to look.....HE wants us to notice.....HE wants us to thank......HE wants us to praise.......HIM!

PSALM 30:5 "But JOY comes in the morning."

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