Friday, March 27, 2015


When most of us think of treasure we think of something like the picture above......a treasure chest full of wonderful and beautiful treasures that are worth something.  Recently GOD has been showing me that there is a secret lifelong treasure when you are seeking and looking for HIS gifts given to you each is a type of "sleuthing for HIS glory" as Ann Voskamp would put it.

She says the best way to do this is to "name" those writing them down in a notebook and making a list.  We really don't see or notice how much our GOD gives us daily until we start naming and listing with pen and ink.

I have made mental notes, a type of mental list, but then after a day or two, who can remember?  It is the listing of the gifts, the intentional writing them down, that gives those gifts meaning and it is the thankful worship of those gifts that makes the whole process HOLY.  HE gives daily and I need to receive and thank daily. My thankfulness to my GOD becomes a HOLY worship in and of itself.  May you start each day with this kind of thankful worship of HIM.

As I move along in my walk with GOD, HE continues to convict my heart to search and see and sleuth for HIS love and glory.  How many of us just go through the motions each day?  When you have nothing to show for all your work at the end of a long day, except exhaustion, something is wrong with the way you are living out your day.  You may say, well, I just didn't have time to list the gifts. But I say, GOD took the time to send you those gifts and when you don't list them, you miss them because you don't really stop to "see" them.

I have a sign above my kitchen window that reads: "Remember the day's blessings, forget the day's troubles".  If I love and rely on my GOD, then HE takes care of those troubles since each day has enough trouble of it's what am I left with? Blessings, for sure!

I challenge you then to make your own list using a notebook......naming takes practice and listing takes conviction.  But I'll bet before you know it, your list will be long and wonderful and you will realize how much GOD'S hand is on your life, one day at a time,  and one gift at a time.  A thankful heart is a full heart that worships GOD wholeheartedly! GOD loves us so much that HE gave the ultimate GIFT, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.  How much more will HE give you as you live your life? And how much more HE gives us with the ultimate gift of eternal life!

1 Corinthians 7:7 "But each man has his own gift from GOD; one has this gift, another has that."


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