Friday, December 12, 2014


As I ponder that special night that only a bright star can bring into clear focus, I wonder how those wise men made that incredible journey to find the ONE?  "Where is the ONE who has been born king of the Jews?"  Matthew 2: 2

It is evident that they searched for HIM carefully.....can you imagine making that journey and having your face turned upward to the Heavens to see GOD?  I recently watched "the Nativity Story" and the wise men portrayed in it is just what I imagined.  Their faces were full of joy and love......when they found the CHRIST child, their reverence and gentle touch of the new ONE brought me to tears.  They knew HE was a babe, but they also knew HE was HOLY!

And at this time of year, that is what we should be searching for: where is the ONE?  And we need to search for HIM not only in the activities that surround us, but also in the silence.  I have been waking up earlier each morning just to enjoy that special quiet.  I encourage you to do this.....light a candle, turn on the tree and pull out your Bible.  Put your hands together and pray.....HE is there in the quiet, waiting for YOU.  And HIS presence is HOLY.  We are invited into HIS HOLY presence every morning and HIS grace and mercy sheds light on that early morning twilight.  GOD helps us with our perspective and we need that discernment this time of year.  Find this quiet before your day begins.....before the rest of the world competes for your attention.  Do this before you make your lists of things to do and one better, do it all before you check your phone!  We all tend to get so busy that I worry we will stop searching for the ONE. And I wonder how JESUS feels about that?

You will never waste your time with those pursuits that are eternal.  If you invest time into it with your SHEPHERD.  This is why HE came, why HE chose to be born in a lowly manger.  And when HE could have chosen anywhere else, HE chose to live in your heart and to listen to your pain and your prayers. Let us never forget why HE came.....the HOLY ONE to save the world!

Matthew 2: 2 "For we saw HIS star when it rose and have come to worship HIM."

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