Monday, July 28, 2014


Yesterday in Church our pastor discussed the passage in JOHN 11 which tells of Lazarus and his death.  The story also involves Mary and Martha, their grief for their brother's passing and witnessing the miracle of JESUS resurrecting Lazarus.  All of us who have had the loss of a loved one can certainly understand Martha and Mary's grief after asking JESUS to come right away and HIM waiting 2 more days before HE arrived.  By then, Lazarus was gone and Martha and Mary had given up all hope.  Listen to what Martha says: "LORD, if YOU had been here, my brother wouldn't have died." JOHN 11: 21.  Little did Martha understand of what was coming......the story was not completed.  JESUS was going to have the last word.

And how often in our spiritual walks do we just give up?  How often do we just quit praying about a situation that isn't turning out the way we want it to.  I have been guilty of this often enough.....I have looked at the mess before me and have said, forget it, it is hopeless. 

When we have this type of outlook, we are saying that we don't believe that JESUS is a miracle worker.  JESUS has the power over our spiritual life and our physical life.  When we lose all hope then we are not giving JESUS the last word....we are not trusting in HIS power.....we are not truly believing that HE is in charge of it all.

The last statement made by CHRIST on the Cross was: "It is finished."  HE has the last word period.  It doesn't matter how hopeless a situation gets.....HIS word is final. 

Continuing the story here, JESUS tells Martha that if she believes that she would see the glory of GOD and the stone was removed from the tomb and Lazarus was called out.  It says in JOHN 11: 45 that "many of the Jews who came to Mary and saw what HE did believed in HIM."

In the middle of our mess, JESUS has the last word in such a way that GOD ultimately will be glorified.  Everything on this planet points to JESUS having the last word.  We need to realize this fact.  We need to patiently wait, trust and pray in all our hard situations, knowing that in the end, HE reigns.  Let us realize that HE meets us in the middle of our mess and completes our story. When we grasp the fact that JESUS is the last word, then our hope is endless even when we doubt and our fear is silenced.....our courage becomes HIS strength.  

Next time you lose hope, just remember with JESUS......the story isn't finished yet.....

HEBREWS 6: 19 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.  It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where JESUS, who went before us, has entered on our behalf."


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