Monday, December 23, 2013


It is dark, it is early and my coffee is hot.  Just a typical morning really, but definitely worth getting up for.  As I sit by the tree with it's sparking white lights I ponder..... what was the night and day like surrounding JESUS' birth?  I can look out my front window and see a blanket of white covering my driveway and it reminds me of GOD'S grace covering me.  

As the dawn breaks I can see the pink sky over the earth and I know in my heart that today, for all it's troubles and blessings,  is truly a gift.....a gift from GOD.  And so I "thank HIM" for this simple gift, a gift worth more than all the store bought gifts that anyone can give us.  It is a gift of 24 hours to do with as I choose.  As I ponder this thought, I realize it is up to me to choose love.... to love my LORD with all my heart and my fellow man despite the fact that human beings can be cruel to themselves and others.  I choose grace also, to give much grace to others in spite of our differences and disagreements.  I choose mercy, to forgive a wrong done to me, in spite of how it hurts.  GOD gives me a choice in every situation.  It is up to me to choose....  I hope with HIS eyes I choose wisely.

Isn't it wonderful that GOD chose to send HIS SON into our dark world to give us light and hope? When we keep our eyes on JESUS, the troubles in this world pale in comparison.  That is why JESUS came this time of year, because lights shine their brightest in the dark.  

I like to keep things simple.....this Christmas I have chosen that.  There have been parties that I have said no to, and I have made sure not to jam pack too much into a day.  When I do this, then I am free to focus on JESUS..... HE came into this world for me.  HE was thinking of me during HIS humble act of birth and then death on a wooden tree.  During this season I don't want to walk through this world pulled into meaningless commitments.  My soul is committed to my Savior, a humble LORD who asks with a whisper:  "will you choose me?"

JOSHUA 24: 15 ".... then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."


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