Monday, April 15, 2013

GOD'S Touch

My walking today revealed a sweet deer on my path with Molly.  I love how GOD touches us in our days.  It might not seem like much to someone else, however, any creature is GOD'S workmanship.  Just look at the birds of the air and the fish in the sea.  The detail in HIS creation, should put wonder in our souls!!

For those of you who follow HEAVENSREEF, I wanted to connect you with another blog I started recently.... it is dedicated to my Molly and I do hope over the summer to do some pet walking and sitting.  So if you want to take a look click below:

It was fun to make it kind of girly too - Molly proudly wears a purple leash and collar, and since I love pink, the look of this new blog was easy!  I will here and there post what we have seen or experienced on our walks together.... GOD continues to surprise me every week!

Our paths in Idyllwilde where I live are amazing and I never get tired of my daily exercise.  HE has blessed me with sights along the way that are a feast for my eyes.  We have lived in Idyllwilde now for almost six years and my walks are different every day with a new discovery.  I am always interested to see who discovers first: me or Molly!

 And so I thank GOD every day for my rescue dog: Molly, and what I get to see as we walk alongside each other.  GOD has blessed me with her, and I pray she will have a long doggie life.  It will be a year ago next month that we lost our beloved Charlie.... he was a treasure.... we will never forget the love he brought into our lives.

Please continue to follow me along as I write on HEAVENSREEF and blog about my fun times with Molly.  Bless you dear reader.... thank you for stopping by from time to time, and I love those comments as well. 

Blessings & Love to YOU,

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