Sunday, December 30, 2012


I don't know about you, but I can look back on 2012 and see that it was a good year for me, and I do believe it was because of my chosen WORD for the year which was GLORIFY!

I decided a couple of years ago to choose a word for each year, embrace it and learn about it, and use it to the fullest.  What GOD taught me about GLORIFYING HIM, was to do it in all circumstances.  It is amazing how when the situation was a bad one, GLORIFYING my GOD always made me feel better and my perspective was changed.  I learned to focus on HIM rather than myself.

I am so thankful this word was revealed to me a year ago... and I am kind of sad to let it go.  But I have learned so much about this ability to GLORIFY... our world seems crazy right now and we could all give in and give up.  But as Chrisitans we are asked to be the light in this world... to have HOPE for a new day.

When you GLORIFY GOD, you can find something wonderful every day in your world.  HE gives us a new gift of 24 hours every single day... it is up to us how we will use those 24 hours.  This past year I found my steps to be a little lighter, and the byproduct of GLORIFYING GOD was joy... pure joy!

GOD blessed me too with connecting with friends, old and new.  HE has blessed me with those authentic relationships and I GLORIFY HIM for all of them.  HE knows what we need and when we need it... I trust HIM for this.

GOD also blessed me with new experiences and saying goodbye to some... in all I tried to follow HIS path for me and in GLORIFYING HIM I also learned to trust HIM completely.  Honestly, if you cannot trust GOD and HIS WORD, who on this planet can you trust?

Many people choose to make resolutions this time of year.  I choose to reflect and recommit myself to GOD, and writing here for HIM.  I also have a new word in store that has been popping up in scripture and in sermons for me as of late.  I will reveal that word in a few days.

In all of this, I encourage you to choose a word for the year and see what GOD does for you with it.  Pray about it...  HE will not disappoint!!

And so I GLORIFY MY GOD for this blog, giving me the discernment to write, and for the past year of exercising my writing muscle.  To GLORIFY is to find joy.... wonderful joy, and I hope in the New Year I will continue to GLORIFY in all circumstances, even as I embrace a new word.

PSALM 86: 12 "I will praise you O LORD my GOD, with all my heart; I will GLORIFY your NAME forever."

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