Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jingle BELLS

You can see in the above picture, my new sweet girl Molly.  This is our 6th week together and she is doing great so far.  I have written about the foster dogs that I have enjoyed and I can happily say that Molly is ours!!  She was a rescue... her family was moving overseas and we took her and have given her a forever home.

Molly and I have been on so many walks together already... most recently they are in the evenings in my neighborhood.  We are enjoying all of the decorated homes and the warm lights that surround us as we walk.

Today I got an idea to put jingle bells on her collar and I was in for a treat as we walked together!  She jingled with each and every step and just the sound of it brought joy to my heart! I would like to believe what is mentioned in "It's A Wonderful Life" that every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.

I love the sound of bells... church bells, and bells that ring on the hour and half hour for clocks are my favorites.  I also love a bell choir.  Just the sound in and of itself seems happy and joyful.

GOD gave us the gift of sounds in this world and we have the choice to listen or to tune things out.  It seems so noisy sometimes.... but a quiet walk late at night seems to produce the most quiet.  So if you can, don't miss it this time of year.  Take a late night walk and hear the wind rustle through the trees and bushes.  Feel the cold air on your face and turn your ears to a sound worth hearing... a small jingle.... a joyful sound that one can hear if you truly listen.

Coming back from one of our walks together, I realized that when I had returned, the jingle bell on Molly's collar had fallen off!  And so I pray whoever finds it will appreciate the joy of it's sound, just as much as I did.  I didn't miss it... and my joy continues to grow every day.  I will glorify my GOD for being able to hear and enjoy that heavenly sound.  And I will thank HIM for bringing me joy in an unexpected way.

PSALM 96:12 "Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy."

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