Friday, November 30, 2012

That Wonderous Night!

My heart will skip a beat when I turn the calendar tomorrow.  It will be December... the last month on our calendar.  It is interesting to me that we must wait all year for it to come.  Many will say that it is their favorite time of year, others will say it is their worst.  I say it is a time to not overlook, it is a time to reflect and remember.

For the majority, it means decorations, presents and food... parties too, and being quite busy.  I made a vow to myself several years ago to never get so busy that I didn't have time to reflect greatly on the true meaning of that wonderous night when our CHRIST was born.

In recent years I have pondered that special night, and the reading of the WORD in each gospel has made the Christmas story more real to me than ever before.

It amazes me that those Wise Men knew what gifts to bring that were fit for a baby KING.  How much was their trust in that starry night with the bright star in the East that guided them to find, and then to fall on their knees to worship the new BABE!

The stars that night must have shown with royal beauty and clarity.  There must have been quiet and peace... a quiet that is beyond description, with only the sounds of woolly animals, and the peaceful sweet cries of perfection!

I want to believe too, that the smells in the Manger were just as wonderful... the sweet smell of hay, and the indescribable smell of a newborn baby... a baby called Immanuel... GOD with us!

If we truly wonder about that night, we will give thanks for GOD'S love that came down to us in a blessed Manger.  What a simple act of pure love and grace for us!  GOD knew our world would need this GOOD NEWS... news of a good and perfect hope.

All of this occurred on one night thousands of years ago... a special night, one which should never be forgotten or overlooked. 

And may we all be wise enough to still seek HIM, just as those three Wise Men did.  May we always be wise enough to never forget the real reason for this season... a season to love, and to give to each other.  As we count the days ahead, we should remember that love came just for us in that Manger. It was the most prescious gift of all... it was Immanuel... GOD with us!

DANIEL 12:3 "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever."

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