Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is a special time each day where the light meets the dark... it is a subtle submission, and if you don't look for it, you might miss it.  The light is soft and beautiful... it is as if the day knows what is coming, and it doesn't fight it.  A soft pink meets the blue and then melts into darkness. The sun finds one last peak behind the clouds as if to say, "goodbye, the day is done."

I have had the honor and pleasure of witnessing this dusk wonder every day this past week.  I have been rushing home from work to take my pup on a walk just to be a part of this.  Since it is December, the Christmas lights on the homes in my neighborhood twinkle and come to life right about this time.  As I walk, each home shines with it's own splendor, all decorated with the anticipation of December 25th.

When I look around,  I ponder that wonderous night when CHRIST came to us. That night must have been glorious... and I wonder how lovely the light at dusk must have been... was it Heavenly??  Was it a day's end that was glorious beyond words?  I see hints of this every evening... and I want to linger in it, but it is so fleeting!  I ask GOD to let it stay awhile, but HE says, the day must come to an end!

So this small glimpse into dusk each day is a treasure to me... I feel GOD'S hand securely on the day as it slips away.  And the dark comes, and that is when the light shines the brightest!  It makes me sad really, that the day comes to an end... but GOD says there is always hope in the next day to come! 

HIS light shines for all to see in the darkness.  That is why the BABE in the Manger came... to give us love and hope.  I wonder about that special day long ago.  How can any of us not be amazed by that kind of love that came down in a Manger just for us?  HIS LOVE... HIS SON... a GIFT for all mankind!

MATTHEW 2:2 "For we have seen HIS star in the East and have come to worship HIM."

May you find HIS peace in all your days before Christmas!

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