Friday, May 11, 2012


I recently met with a dear friend over coffee.  We decided to meet at a charming little coffee house here in town.  It has wonderful seating outside and in, with a big fireplace and comfy chairs all around.  There are small tables everywhere, so we chose one by a sunny window.

We sat and chatted a while, and then the conversation turned deeper.  Isn't that why we share with each other??  How great it is when you can get a fresh perspective from someone you admire and respect!  This woman had many years of wisdom on me, she just exudes it.

But what was amazing in all of this was the timing of our seeing each other.  You see my son is going through a big challenge right now in his life.  He has to have courage each day just to get up and face the day ahead.  So how interesting it was to me to find out that what he is facing,  my friend knew much about!  And GOD'S timing in it was for me to hear her wisdom before my visit with my son this coming Sunday... Mother's Day.

Our conversation gave me comfort and peace... a peace that surpassed all understanding.  This peace let me see that GOD has HIS hand in my son's life in a powerful way.  We as a family may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but HE knows!

Those of us who have raised sons know that all we want for them is to be successful, independent, and to have a love for our LORD.  How amazing it is when you realize that GOD has perfectly timed an encounter just for your sake, so you can see HIS powerful hand in your family's life.  I felt as if GOD were saying "I am here, have been here always.  And I will continue to watch over your family."

These small encounters some people call coincidences... I prefer to call them GOD INSTANCES!  When we realize that HIS path is our path, it gives you freedom in your days, and peace in your daily steps.  How freeing it is to be able to just let go and let HIM do HIS work in us, around us, and through us. 

GOD was there that day, at our table we shared... in our conversation, guiding the words, tears, and being authentic with one another.   And I give HIM all the GLORY for my friend, and for HIM!


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