Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am forced to publish here now - for all of my followers and I will promise to be true to my writing for this year!!  I was at WORDPRESS for a time and I now reside here again!!

My word for this year has been GLORIFY!!  Right now spring has sprung all over Colorado!!  We are having a dry March which is unusual for here, since March tends to be our big snow month!! We have had days in the 70's and gorgeous blue skies, which radiate HIS GLORY!!

To GLORIFY HIM means to honor and to worship and to exalt!!  Colorado is GOD'S country here and I love it!

HIS GLORY IS EVERYWHERE... the mountain range covered in snow caps... the unbelievable blue sky and the budding white and pink trees!!!  I can look and see all the way from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins up north!!

When I chose my word for this year, I didn't realize I would be in the midst of a pain struggle by March.  This is a deep internal pain, not a physical one.

And in the middle of all of this...I FIND HIM!  HE has met me with HIS peace and wonder, and mercy and love for me!! 

When you are in pain, you feel quite alone... and I have felt this daily for quite a while.  But just recently, HE has sent HIS angels in the form of friends to support, listen and love on me!

The other day I received a card from a friend in Idaho, whom I love and treasure!  She said believe that this experience in your life is a GIFT... a gift to enjoy to search your soul and find it!

And in this pain... I WILL GLORIFY MY GOD!!

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