Saturday, March 5, 2011

Abiding in a Sea of People

I was privileged to go recently to a Rock and Worship road show here in Colorado at the World Arena in Colorado Springs.

There were different Christian bands playing that night and one of my favorites was MercyMe.  The tickets at the door were just $10 and that being so affordable allowed many young people and their friends to attend.

I have been to many secular concerts in my life, with the most recent one at Red Rocks which is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, where I said afterwards to my husband that I would never go again due to the obnoxious people that surrounded us.

But what an incredible difference last night!  In that vast sea of people, 8,000 total, I never heard one unkind word - seating was first come first serve, there was no pushing, or dirty looks to get in the door, or in the seats.

This vast sea of people of all ages, were there to worship and to abide with their Holy GOD.  And worship they did...hands raised...voices singing.  We prayed together more than once.  There was no shouting towards the stage being set up between bands...there was quiet patience everywhere.

I was amazed at the young people and their respect for anyone around them.  Watching them in action gave me a new perspective on our young and GOD.  It made me realize HE is certainly alive and well and working on those young hearts. AMEN!

This experience gave me a small insight into Heaven.  Just imagine billions upon billions of souls worshipping together a Sovereign GOD who created all of us to worship HIM exclusively.  HE created us for worship...hands abide.  An experience such as this one helped all of us to abide more fully in the moment.  In Heaven we will be ONE with the SON and FATHER.  HE alone will be worshipped...HE alone will be praised...we will lift our voices to our Sovereign GOD, our CREATOR, and...

"Every tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD."  Phillipians: 2:11

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  1. Maxxine, now that's my kind of concert. Wish I had been there!