Sunday, February 27, 2011


I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago of being the subject of a nasty comment made by someone I work with.  I say opportunity because I can see this abiding with God as a solution to many issues.  Being hurt is one of them.

A dear friend of mine was also the subject of this comment and I felt the need to come to her rescue right away...but when it came to myself my response to all of it was quite different.

When we are hurt by someone our initial reaction is to lash my case I had time to be still and listen...and in the stillness I felt Him extend a hand of GRACE to me.  If my God is right there extending His hand to hold me up in my hurt, shouldn't I be just as willing to extend GRACE to someone else?  Jesus is the ONE who fills in the cracks of our fragile hearts.  He mends them and in my case it seemed as if this happened very quickly.  In my abiding, my remaining...HE was right there, immediately, all I had to do was reach!  I did not have to search for HIM.  God cannot be known on the run.  When we are still, HE is there!

This extending GRACE and forgiveness is a comfort...sometimes it doesn't matter who is right.  Sometimes it really is easier to forgive and let go.  And it only takes one to do that.  With HIS help, I did let it go and that is all that matters.  God knows and sees everything we do...HE knows what is in our hearts.  And since man looks at the "outward appearance", while God searches "our hearts", I am at peace knowing that God saw what was in my heart...first broken...then humbled.

I trust my God that HE will take care of those issues beyond my control.  I can't control what someone says about me, but I sure can control my response!  It seems to be a natural thing for us to get angry and hurt when someone "has it out" for us.  I think this time  because I have been so close to God, abiding, that my ultimate trust in HIM resulted in immediate peace...a peace that "transcends all understanding."  Phillipians 4: 7

With this peace I can remain steadfast with what my heart says rather than what my head says.  In obeying God...remaining in HIM...I follow HIS lead and in so doing, I am reminded to react with love rather than anger.  When my eyes remain on HIM, my heart overflows with much love...HIS love...and there is a terrific peace in that!

And so with my friend, coming to her rescue, supporting her, was my hand extending GRACE and love to her.  I never did extend my hand in anger to the one who said the awful comment about me.  In my defense was the ONE who is Sovereign and Mighty.  I trust that HE is there for me.  HE gives me the strength to move on forward...step by step.  My storm so to speak was gone. Skies were clear again.

This situation humbled my heart and I see that God works for the good of the brokenhearted.  In my abiding with HIM, I am blessed with every situation, good or bad, and in every wrong comment said about me.  With God alone, I am at peace.  HE alone is really all I need.  HE alone becomes my rock, my fortress...and HE alone gives me a firm place to stand in this life...a life touched by HIS love and HIS grace.

"HE is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge."  Psalm 144: 2

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  1. Maxine.... What a wonderful example of remaining steadfast while under attack. I like how you showed the difference between the need to stand up for a friend and the need to be still and rely on God in your personal situation. Gorgeous pic too! God's Peace, my friend...