Sunday, February 13, 2011


All I really want is my Savior.  When I ponder all that I have, it really all pales in comparison to HIM.  His love, mercy, and Grace is beyond anything I can is infinite, and mighty.

I have the opportunity to take a small mini vacation from winter and being stuck inside. And so I sit here looking out at this lake.  From my perspective it is beautiful with the sun shimmering on the tiny waves as it moves with the breeze.  I want to drink it all in...I want this time and moment to capture embrace it.  I struggle in the here and now to describe the beauty my eyes see.  All this in front of me will become a memory for my soul.  I want time to stop.  I realize I am fully aware and alive with God's nature surrounding me.  HE chose this moment in time for me to enjoy.  My eyes see, my head understands and my heart is full...overflowing actually as I abide in this moment.  I take a picture, but it doesn't do it justice...what my eyes see is much more impressive.

The fact that He is with me with this clear embrace, and I with Him, makes this moment all the more meaningful.   I want to, but know that I can't stop the clock.  I want to stop time, right now...just this moment...but time ticks forward.  I see time in general marching on faster now that I am older.  As a child, a week seemed like an eternity; now a week in my life marches on at an incredible pace.  With wisdom and His perspective, I realize that moments like this one, are the moments that really count.  To live in the moment, this moment,  is truly precious.  I know in an instant, moments like this one, are gone in an instant.

Abiding with Him in this moment...this precious moment...does make this moment timeless.  I know in the future I will always be able to close my eyes and see this lake, these mountains, this setting, all around me.  God's fingertips have touched this feels sacred and peaceful.

My path has led me to here...right now..."God speak to me." I ask. " Help me to abide in You", I pray.    With this my heart feels full of His I try so hard to remain in.  This love gives me complete in this moment and joy to carry with me from this place. 

I realize this pure authentic moment is possible because of His GRACE.  I sit quietly, listening.
I hear His whisper in the breeze and it says to remain.  Abiding with Him can be done anywhere, but I am more aware of Him by this lake.  The mountains in the distance are evidence of His majesty.  My thoughts only go up to Him...His GRACE showers down all around me in the warmth of the sun.  I see His GRACE sparkle on the water in front of me.  His pure water.

I love this feeling of being still, of remaining, of this peace, of this moment.   I wonder, is this a little bit of Heaven?  Being able to abide with Him, with no clock ticking and no time constraints would be Heaven.  I know this moment WILL come to an end.  I long for it to go on forever.

Our lives are made up of these moments.  These moments change into other moments.  My God remains constant.  HE is the same for me now and in the future.  His love endures forever, and is infinite and everlasting.  On my GOD I place my trust and continue to abide...HIS love will carry me into the next moment...from this place...from this lake.

Psalm 62:5 "My soul, wait in silence for GOD only.  For my hope is from HIM." 


  1. I used to have moments like yours at the ocean ... feeling His presence and just "abiding" in His awesomeness! Looking at your lake picture I had the same feeling of "peace." Loved the post... thanks for sharing!