Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I am at the end of myself and I open my hands and bend my knees......and it's all surrender.  It is surrender to the ONE who knows me by name.  When my will is broken, then my knees bend and my view bends and my heart breaks.

One of the last greatest acts that JESUS did with HIS disciples was to take a towel around HIS waist and bend HIS knees to wash the disciple's feet.  HE did this as an example of surrendering to HIS Father in Heaven and then....... HE surrendered HIS life.

Didn't Peter say: "LORD YOU shall never wash my feet!" Wasn't his first response to JESUS bending HIS knees a resounding no? Why did Peter say no when he so often professed to obey Jesus?  Isn't it our human nature to resist when we must bend our will?

SO what about......

When I am asked to serve and my will's all surrender.

When I make that phone call I have been putting's all surrender.

When I forgive first when I don't receive an's all surrender.

When I write the note of encouragement without expecting any thanks's all surrender.

WHAT it really is about......

All of nature seems to surrender to the ONE who directs it whether it be the sun, moon or stars. Nature surrenders and our nature does not. I must ask then for the LORD to break my will and break my heart in a way that my knees break down to the floor. When you walk a while with the LORD, HE will find a way to do this for you! I might not like it, but my will has to break in order to surrender to my GOD. It really is all about GOD, not us!

But I still resist, I resist in my thoughts, words and deeds every single day.  I say my way and GOD says, no, the best way is ME.  Resisting is dare I say......pride?  I don't want to be prideful if I can help it. In bending the knees, I become humble and grateful for the ONE I adore. A grateful heart is a humble heart. Our GOD asks us to surrender.......surrender our lives, hearts and souls, and then take up HIS cross.  And when we are on those bent knees, we will find that we really stand securely before GOD who is our rock and redeemer.  

ROMANS 14: 11 "As I live, says the LORD, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to GOD."


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  1. Oh yes! My word for this year is surrender and it is a daily, difficult task