Wednesday, December 24, 2014


CHRISTMAS is now upon us my friends......have you found HIM yet?  Have you found the CHRIST that came for you?  HE was born in a manger on a cold clear night to save the world. A gift given freely to all who are willing to accept.  A gift of love.  A gift of grace and mercy too. Take your open hand and open your heart and accept HIS love for you.  HIS coming on that dark night so many years ago was foretold in scripture......a Savior for the world.

And each year HE comes again and again on the 25th.  Churches invite those weary souls in to warm pews just to get a glimpse of HIM.  For a moment some feel CHRIST'S grace and hold on to it forever, but for others, it is a reminder of their sin.  We all are equal in our sin.  We were born in sin.  That is why HE take the sin upon HIMSELF so we could live in freedom from it.  

I proclaim that I am a CHRISTIAN.  But I am no better than anyone else.  The difference is that I know that I am forgiven.  Thank you JESUS for coming.  Thank you for giving absolute hope in our dark world today and always.

A Savior has come......Immanuel......GOD with us!

Blessings on your CHRISTMAS this year.

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