Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Recently I was struck by what a young man said who was confined to a wheelchair due to an accident.  He was talking about how the accident changed his life and then he said: "bad days are necessary."  I don't know about you, but I really don't enjoy bad days.  Actually I try to avoid them at all cost.  But one thing is certain, they are inevitable.  Try as much as possible to escape a bad day and it will come.

Looking at this with a spirit-filled heart puts a bad day into perspective.  We must realize that GOD has ordained all of our days and we must live them in spite of the hard circumstances that surround us.  JAMES 1: 2 says: "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds...."

On the road of life, bad days are sprinkled in with the wonderful.  Most of the time you cannot change what those bad days are and they can come and rob you of your joy. Sometimes we try so hard to change things, that we get in GOD'S way.  HE always is patient with us however.....HE knows the big picture that we cannot see.....HE knows the ending to our story and gently leads us in the right direction.  When a bad day comes, we must turn only to HIM.....seek HIM.....glorify HIM in the middle of it!  But this can be so difficult for us to do. Could all of these bad days have anything to do with making us more Holy?

I am learning to do this.....slowly of course, I am learning to look at circumstances through the GOD lens instead of my own.  I am learning to accept what comes with more patience and humility. Since I am HIS workmanship, I realize that no matter what.....HE IS IN CONTROL!  In the middle of the tough stuff HE is refining me.  So this means just plain giving up.....letting the bad day go.  Have you tried this?  When a bad day upsets me too much, then I know I am working too hard to change it instead of allowing HIM to do the changing.  Isn't the changing that is needed within me and me alone?

And that is the key: we have heard it said: let go and let GOD.  Give up and give it to HIM.  Pray and seek in those hard moments.....HE is there waiting for us to turn to HIM.  When we do, there is that peace that transcends all understanding.  There is a release that gives us freedom to live through those bad days......it is a freedom to have joy in it all, no matter how bad the day was.  In every bad day, there is always a bright spot, a hope, a ray of sunshine......let's learn to look for it.

In our human nature we will spend 90 percent of our energy on the bad stuff and only 10 percent on the good.  Let's try to turn those numbers around!

Blessings dear reader, and may you live all your bad days as if they were good days.  Remember they all come from GOD.....the good and the bad comes from HIM, our Creator, our Father in Heaven.  Thank HIM for sending those bad days your way...... no matter how often......they are necessary.

PSALM 119: 114 " YOU are my hiding place and my shield."

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