Thursday, June 6, 2013


I had to ponder this morning as I was making my coffee, I wonder how many cups of coffee I have shared with my Lord?  It is the first thing I do in the morning....and there is this deep desire to run to my Bible!  When I was working, I even got up early just to spend that precious time with GOD.  Where did this deep desire come from?

Many years ago I gave a talk on an Emmaus weekend entitled "Grow through Study."  In that talk I asked the women present if they were in the Word every day or only when it was convenient for them?  Was being in the word a priority?

In my cups of coffee that I have shared with my LORD, I have learned much, and HE has pruned me with each sip.  Sometimes I don't want to hear what HE is saying to me.... HIS word always seems to be timed to my situation.... how does HE know?  Other times, HIS word is a comfort, a salve poured upon my wounds.  I love it when HE speaks directly to me.

This morning I was thinking of some friends who have said this "time" and finding time is hard for them in their schedules.  That they aren't consistent either with their Bible reading.  My answer to that is to pray that HE will put the desire there.  I did long ago, and since then I have always had or found the extra time with HIM.  You can begin with just 5 minutes a day and trust that HE will extend that time!

This morning as I was thinking about this post I was directed by my study to two scriptures;

PSALM 71:3 "Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I continually come."  And:

PSALM 105:4 "Seek the LORD and HIS strength; seek HIS presence continually!"

The key word here is "seek".  When I look for HIM with all my heart and all my soul.... I will find HIM!  The more time I spend with HIM, the more my soul desires HIM. 

I thank my GOD continually that my desire grows with each cup of coffee.... it is a spiritual blessing, a treasure that I cannot fully explain.  But I highly recommend it.... HIS grace is poured out upon me, just like the cream I pour into my coffee cup each day.




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