Monday, January 28, 2013


The calendar says it is January, however, I can remember many a January where the weather here in Colorado can reach 60 degrees.  I love it because I can always get out and walk... it is a blessing to not be stuck inside!

As I was out walking yesterday, I was thinking about and looking at all of the new homes being built in our area.  My mind wonders who will move in and what type of family they will be.  Will they love their new home as much as I did a few years back?  Will they make it a home filled with love and laughter?  Is their home a home that will "honor the LORD'?

There are so many people and maybe even you reading this, that have lost their homes due to one circumstance or another.  It is heartbreaking to know this because a home is where your heart tends to be.

But wherever you lay your head at night is not secure... not in this world!  GOD tells us there will be calamity in this world and that nothing HERE is permanent.

We must then, keep our eyes on the final prize... HIS HEAVEN.  I often dream about, what my home there will be like.  In John 14, CHRIST tells us that "in my FATHER'S house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you."  I am fascinated by this idea of "many rooms".  Does that mean one will be especially for me?

CHRIST then says again in John 14: 2 that "I am going there to prepare a place for you."  WOW! So CHRIST, as I write this, is preparing a special place in Heaven just for me.  I have to believe that HIS place is certainly better than my place.  As much as I try to make my house a home, it still has flaws and things I don't like about it.  But the scripture in John makes me realize that only my home in Heaven will be perfect... it will be just the way HE wants it for me.  I am sure that my Heavenly Home will be beyond anything I can imagine here!

All of this dreaming of Heaven, will one day be a reality for you and for me.  We will enter and "see" our Heavenly home, where there will be much peace and love and security... and CHRIST!  Our home there will have all the wonderful things our homes here did not have!  We can count on it...  because we are REDEEMED in CHRIST. 

PSALM 23: 6 "... and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

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