Sunday, July 15, 2012


This summer has been stacking up to be a whirlwind of change for me... change of job, home, friends, addition of many new experiences, and loss.  One thing I am learning in my trust for GOD is that HE has my back.  HE is there always, HE guides me and comforts me when I need it the most.  I must commit to my time with HIM, but HIS love never fails me.

I have been surprised by how HE has surrounded me with loving friends, old and new.  There are those who have been there for years for me and have said the most supportive and loving comments to me... all of which I have needed to hear.  I am learning to listen... to listen to the positive, rather than the negative.  The negative tends to bring us down in life, and we will focus 90 percent of our energies on negative comments made to us and only 10 percent on the positive.  I am learning to change the dynamic.  I know GOD wants me focused on HIM and HIS word... His word is pure.

In loss, I have learned how deep grief can go... but HIS love for me comforts.

In change, I have learned how difficult it can be... but HIS love for me gives me strength.

In the uncertain, I have learned to trust... to trust HIS path for me, even when I cannot see it myself.

In experiencing others' pain, my heart realizes that when I endure my own personal pain, that I am not, nor will I ever be, alone... for HE is always with me.

In living each day, I have learned that my days here are numbered, that I should live each day as if it were my last... for GOD is teaching me to number my days with HIS wisdom.

With HIS love, I have learned that my heart is not what it once was... it has been broken in more ways than I can count recently... and HIS love fills, and falls into those cracks, one crack at a time. 

In HIS grace, I am becoming the me HE wants me to be and I don't need others to confirm that... I only need HIS sovereign love... an eternal love... a love I am learning to embrace each and every day.

In the moments given to me, I am learning that HIS love reaches beyond my understanding, and I treasure and glorify HIM for that!


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