Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I woke up this morning to snow here in Colorado. The calendar says it is Spring.  Now I am a fair weather girl and this reminded me of a conversation I had with someone at work in January.  At the time I was complaining about snow and this fellow worker asked me how I liked all of it.  I said I didn't like it.  You see I am a sunshine girl...don't like the cold either.  So when I replied to him that I didn't like it one bit, he said to me, "well, I guess it is necessary."  I don't know why, but his answer stopped me in my tracks.

In my issue of self-centeredness, I didn't see past myself, the beauty in the white flakes and yes, the necessity of it all.  We have a very dry climate in Colorado and moisture is important.  We were all made well aware of this during this past week.  A wildfire came dangerously close to my house and evacuations were taking place.

In the beauty of the white flakes there is something to see...GOD'S GRACE.  In Psalm 51:7 it says: "wash me, and I will be whiter than snow."  In order for us to have the beauty in Spring, we have to have the necessity of Winter.  In order for me to have GOD'S GRACE, I must abide and ask for it.  My Christian growth depends on it!  And I WILL have trials and tribulations which will pull me towards GOD'S GRACE.  In those trials I am drawn to HIM...I abide and my eyes are opened. 

And so this morning I asked HIM for forgiveness, in not appreciating this blanket of white.  As I look out my window now, it gently falls, making everything look brand new.  The beauty of the pure white...GOD'S white...GOD'S GRACE...GOD'S gift. 

There are no footprints now, no blemish on this snow of HIS...there is only purity.  I know in all my shortcomings, all my blemishes, HE sees me as I see that pure white snow: unblemished by my own sin.  I need GOD'S GRACE...it is a NECESSITY for me to live in this dirty world.

GOD'S GRACE is a NECESSITY for me to enter into HIS presence as well.  I see HIS presence all around me in the new falling snow...white...gentle...and peaceful.  A morning gift...for me...for Colorado.  And I give HIM a small gift from my heart, a prayer of thanks.

There is just enough snow for today...just enough for now in this place.  My GOD...HIS GRACE...HIS love...my necessity.

"But where sin increased, grace increased all the more." ROMANS: 5:20

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