Wednesday, September 17, 2014


With September 11th being a few days behind us, there were many who took the time to pray for the loved ones lost, our country, and the future.  There were many posts on Facebook showing pictures that said: "Never Forget."  

On the evening of the 11th, I found a tribute on TV that showed what occurred on September 10th, the last full day the towers stood and the last day in 3,000 lives. There were some stories of people who spent time with their loved ones at the restaurant called the Windows to the World. It was a special place with an incredible view.  Also, there were stories of those who were late the next day for work, and therefore lived to tell about September 11th.  A photographer had set up a camera that filmed the towers and the weather all day and into the night of September 10th.  It was cloudy most of the day with thunderstorms in the evening.  All this happened before September 11th which was a beautiful clear blue sky kind of day. 

So many of us have those images in our minds forever......the one picture above is my memory. With such evil happening on our soil who wouldn't ask: "where was GOD."?  We all tried to make sense of it and some people never have.  But for those of us who believe, we know in our hearts that GOD was there that day, watching every detail.   The picture above showing the Cross that was found is such an amazing example of GOD'S hand being there.  When there is no other explanation, how do you find one?  I can't find the words here to give any sufficient explanation, but I know that the Cross being found was no accident! Turning evil into good is what GOD is all about, and believe me, evil people did evil things that day, but in the end I also know that GOD'S love prevailed and will continue to do so.  There were so many stories about HIS goodness shining through the horror of that day.    

When I listened to the loved ones speaking in the program I watched, the one fact that struck me is that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  The fact that we live another day to tell our story is a blessing.   There was a man that lost his sweet sister and he told the audience to always tell everyone you know that you love them.  We all seem to be very good at taking for granted that we will see each other the next day.  

Whenever you can and however you can, tell someone that you love them and appreciate them. Even if it is a quick e-mail.  Don't let too much time pass by either.  GOD wants us to love one another.......period.  HE loves us daily, unconditionally.  Let us never forget one another each and every day.....I know because of HIS infinite grace, HE doesn't forget us.  We are written in the palms of HIS hands......eternally. 

PSALM 36:7 "How priceless is Your unfailing love."

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