Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Does your Bible look like this?  Does your Bible look like you have been in it?  Or are the pages new and untouched.  I have more than one Bible because I love to compare the different scripture versions so some look newer than others.  I do have my "go to" that is highlighted and written in.

There is something about a worn Bible that is very telling.  It says to me that the owner of it spends much time with it....and GOD.  At a recent service at Church the Pastor talked about being in the WORD daily and how to do that.  Here are the 4 R'S that need to happen.  They will be easy to remember.....

READ: Spend quality time in the WORD....write down or highlight passages that mean something to you or really just jump off the page at you.
RESEARCH: After you pick one or two verses, then do some research about it.....this works well with a study bible that can give you more information on the particular verse or chapter you are reading in.
REFLECT: Spend time thinking about each word in the phrase.....really think about what it means to you.....meditate about it.
RESPOND: How can you internalize what you have learned about?  Should you be convicted about what you just read and live a different way?

I believe that we all have our own way of study, but we can't stop there.  I don't want to read and then judge like a Pharisee would.....I want my heart to change, to be broken, and humbled by GOD'S word.  I find myself more and more reading and this me?  And what about that?  What do I have to change in me, to become more like HIM?

So if you have a Bible that is looking worn, that is a good thing.  That means you are in it.  I have a friend whose Bible I love to see opened - she has much writing on the pages and they are crinkled and worn.  I know that she is in the WORD of GOD daily and has been there for a very long time!  I find the longer I have a Bible (I love to highlight) that with my highlights, I can find a verse quicker....sometimes I can envision the actual page that it is on and what color I used!

Find a place or comfortable chair or corner to spend time.....this is a must.  Over a period of time or even years this will become a part of you and going even one day without your devotion time will make you feel off course for that day.  Sometimes because of my schedule I miss in the morning (my favorite time with GOD) but I usually find time then later in the day.  I crave HIS WORD as spiritual is a blessing.....a treasure for sure and anchor for my soul.  JESUS hung on the cross for my can I not devote my time to HIM?

Someone gave me an image once that I haven't forgotten.  If you could imagine JESUS sitting in your living room chair or any chair you pass by daily, and HE said to you: "Would you come and sit, and spend time with me?" What would be your response? 

We all need the WORD OF GOD to wash over us daily, not just on Sunday.  The days in between are vital to our spiritual growth.  So examine your Bible.....does it look used?

HOSEA 10:12 "Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD."


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